Daniel Chen

English Bio::

What’s next. It’s not a question. For Daniel Chen, it’s a statement. A motto. A personal descriptor. And the impetus behind his rich and varied career.

Named in 2000 as one of the Top 20 Designers Under the Age of 30 by PRINT Magazine, Chen has built a monument out of Paper, cultivated the scenery as Group Creative Director of Brand and Photography at Lands’ End, and offered up “something new” to even the most Elegant Bride. He has discovered how to package Victoria’s Secret and make Revlon’s most beautiful women even more attractive. All the while, pushing himself to do more, learn more, achieve more, and be more.

Chen moves seamlessly between the worlds of fashion, marketing, and publishing, using the strongest elements of each to solve difficult business problems and catapult brands to new levels. Elegant Bride has received a nomination for Photography of the Year by ASME and numerous awards for Excellence in Design, Photography, and Illustration by SPD. Chen’s work has been published in Graphis, Novum, Communication Arts, Designing Across Cultures and The Practical Guide to Information Design.

Having packed over a dozen plus years worth of professional experience, Chen is frequently noted by clients and former employers as being a uniquely talented artist, a strong strategic thinker, and an exceptional creative leader. He is able to rally literally dozens of team members to achieve unprecedented results on time and within budget. But it’s his understanding that, as he likes to say, “verbal plus visual equals message,” which makes his concepts so stunning to behold while firmly rooted in the objectives they intend to meet.

Chen’s creative expression defies convention and crosses all print and interactive media. He frequently draws upon his foundation of knowledge and experience to translate “what is” into “what will be.” He has led brands and publications including awarding winning Jane, Elegant Bride and Child magazines, into uncharted territory, enabling their message to cut through the clutter and create a greater impact. Previously VP of Creative at Garage Branding, he was responsible for how an entire agency translates positioning into branding and marketing communications for its wide variety of clients including Kayser Roth’s No nonsense. In his current position Chief Creative Officer of his established agency DChen Design since 1998 and the Associate Creative Director of HSN (Home Shopping Network), he has been connecting brands to consumers with the same passion he had when he began at Penn State.

Innovative. Emotional. Passionate. Thoughtful. Strategic. Original. Outgoing. Unique. Daniel Chen is many things. But above all, he is what’s next.

Chinese Bio

未来的潮流是什麽。对 Daniel Chen来说这不是一个问题,而是一个声明,一个座右铭,一个个人的描述,和他丰富多样的职业生涯背後的动力。
2000年被__ PRINT杂志__,提名为30岁以下的新锐设计师前20名,Daniel Chen由__Paper 杂志__中建立了一个里程埤,身为_Lands’ End_的创意总监和摄影师,他替_Elegant Bride 杂志_加入了新元素。他重新包装了维多利亚的秘密,并使露华浓那些最漂亮的女人更加有魅力。同时,他不断的推动自己做的更多丶学的更多丶达到更多。

Daniel Chen流畅的在时尚丶行销和出版这三个领域游走,使用最强的元素解决品牌经营的问题,并带领品牌到一个新的境界。_Elegant Bride_获得了_ASME_最佳摄影的提名及无数由_SPD_颁发的卓越设计丶摄影和插图奖项。Daniel Chen的作品也曾在_Graphis, Novum, Communication Arts, Designing Across Cultures_及_The Practical Guide to Information Design_发表。

拥有十几年专业的经验,Daniel Chen的顾客及雇主经常提到Daniel Chen是一个才华独特的艺术家,一个强而有力的战略家,及一个具有杰出创造性的领导者。他能领导只有十几人的团队,在有限的预算和时间内达成前所未有的成果。但,在Daniel Chen看来,他的作品之所以出众是因为这些概念深植於他们想达成的目标之中,就如同他常说的「话语加上视觉等於讯息」。

Daniel Chen的创造性超越了传统并横跨所有平面和互动媒体。他经常从他的知识和经验中将「现在流行什麽」变成「将来流行什麽」。他带领的品牌和出版品包括了曾获奖的_Jane杂志和 Child_杂志,在他的带领下,使得_ Jane杂志和 Child_杂志_要传达的讯息能穿越混乱的概 念,创造出更好的回响。Daniel Chen目前在_Garage Branding_担任副创意总裁,负责替客户重新定位市场,建立品牌及行销沟通。他们广大多样的客户群,包含Kayser Roth的_No NONSENSE女性裤襪品牌_。

创新丶富有感情丶热情丶体贴丶文化素养丶原创丶直率丶合乎逻辑,Daniel Chen代表了很多东西,但更重要的是,他是未来的潮流。

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